We are Encure


Our company was founded a little over 10 years ago in 2004 with focus on dietary supplements and specialty formulas. Our primary service was to enable distributors to cut out several layers of middlemen and work directly with manufacturers thereby shortening the journey that the products take to reach consumers. The “enabling” action of our business operations combined with the “cure” of problems that our involvement brought to the end users led us to the only one logical conclusion for coming up with our company name: Encure.

The mission at Encure is to provide highly personalized business solutions to our clients. This is in its essence because of the fact that we care about our clients and our community. We strongly believe that success breeds more success and so we are happy to launch this blog for the very purpose of helping all our readers succeed in every aspect we discuss here.

This blog is dedicated to the sharing of knowledge in starting and maintaining your successful business and career.

Health is the ultimate wealth and Considering the cost of healthcare these days, this saying is more true than ever. This is also precisely why we have a separate blog dedicated to health and fitness. You can visit our Encure Fitness site for more information.

The topics discussed on this blog include, but are not limited to:
Business travel, business advice, resume writing, career development, management, leadership, negotiation, software & hardware reviews.

Essentially everything that is business-related. We always welcome suggestions and comments on all our posts.


Comments? Questions?

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